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November 18, 2014

SwiftKey launches new Material Design theme pack


Last month SwiftKey launched Two Material Design inspired keyboards called Material Dark and Material Light. Well now they are rolling out a new theme park that includes a further three colour variants as well as minimal versions of the Material Dark and Light.

The announcement arrived via a blog post and SwiftKey had this to say:

Today, we’re excited to add a brand new theme pack to our Material family, based on your feedback, that includes 3 new Material themes, plus 2 new minimal versions of Material Light and Material Dark. Say hello to Minimal Material Light, Minimal Material Dark, Material Orange, Material Pink and Material Phosphor Green, which has a retro tech feel for the hacker in all of us.

The themes will cost you £0.69 each or £1.99 for the full pack from the SwiftKey Store. They look great if you ask me,  let us know what you think

Source – SwiftKey

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