I have been receiving a lot of email asking me to review a case for the new Kindle so today we are going to look at Tabletwear’s luminous case with light for the Kindle 4.

This case is available from MobileFun.co.uk at a price of £19.95. This case is the perfect companion for your Amazon Kindle as it not only protects your Kindle but gives it that extra special look.


The case itself has a hard shell that will totally protect your Kindle from any accidents. The outside is covered with a leather look vinyl that makes the Kindle feel nice and secure in your hand by adding grip when holding and also has a waterproof coating so it is idle for using next to the pool. There is also a detachable wrist strap which compliments the style of the case and will also provide that extra security when carrying the Kindle around.


As we open the case we see that it has a lovely soft microfiber inner that will offer your Kindle a safe environment when not in use. The compact light that is included has it’s own slot in the case for when it’s not in use and nestles nicley here. As you se the light comes out and attaches on the top corner of the case and is held firmly in place by a magnet. The kneck of the light can practically be positioned any way you wish and the light provides the perfect amount of glow for those late night reading sessions. We have tested a few cases and one thing worth noting with this case is that the light did not cause any added strain on or eyes like some of the other cases we tested.


We all know some kindle cases make it hard to fit and remove our device but not this one. The book style case allows us to easily slide the Kindle into position and remove it just as easy. When in place it still remains nice and steady and has no movement. All the ports on the case are easily accessible and have been perfectly cut out. Even when the case is closed the Kindle charging port can be easily accessed allowing the Kindle to be protected while charging.


We would recommend this case to anyone wanting to protect there Kindle while adding a bit of style to it. It is a perfect all round case and the Light is a great feature. Visit the source link to get yours now.

Source – Mobile Phone Accessories



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