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Win An Awesome Gaming PC

So last month I teamed up with some friends to giveaway a Gaming PC and you guy’s loved it. The reaction was great and it felt awesome being able to provide such an awesome prize to give back to you guys. With that said I...
by Ryan Oneill


Kurt Sutter doubts Sons Of Anarchy game will come to fruition

Kurt Sutter the creator/writer/producer of Sons of Anarchy wants to do a video game adaptation, but the project is “getting no traction.” Sutter voiced his frustrations through Twitter on Saturday morning when he an...
by Jonny Polea


DXRACER K-SERIES Gaming Chair Unboxing And Setup

First of all let me wish all of our awesome readers a very happy new year and I honestly hope all your dreams come true this year. With that said, today was an awesome day for me as it was like Christmas all over again as the a...
by Ryan Oneill



Skyrim: New DLC Hearthfire with free Dawnguard for PS3 users?

It’s fair to say that PS3 users are not happy at all with the Dawnguard situation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda had originally stated that “PS3 users would get it 30 days after the 360”, but it is now ...
by Jonny Polea


SteelSeries Siberia V3 Giveaway

If you love gaming then this giveaway will certainly make you happy. Today we are giving away a pair of SteelSeries Siberia V3, I recently reviewed them and was very impressed so I have decided to give them away. All the detail...
by Ryan Oneill


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Sniping Only” (One Shot Playlist) Game Play Video

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare got a new game mode “One Shot” and I used this opportunity to introduce our new game play videos. Basically every player chooses there variation of the MORS sniper rifle and battleR...
by Ryan Oneill



NECA bringing street legal Halo motorcycle helmet this July

When the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) showed off the Halo Spartan Armor motorcycle helmet back I absolutely geeked out. Well now we have a an official release date of July and I cannot wait. The helmet...
by Ryan Oneill

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PlayStation 4 BlackOps 3 Bundle Giveaway (International)

Hope everyone is having an awesome day and if not maybe this will cheer you up. I have teamed up with some awesome friends to bring you guys and girls yet another awesome giveaway. The prize on offer is a PlayStation 4 BlackOps...
by Ryan Oneill


Skyrim DLC update: Hearthfire visuals

Good evening ladies and gents, I hope you have all been looking forward to this as much as we have here at beginners Tech. I’ll let the video do all the talking on this one, enjoy. By Jonny Polea Follow us on Facebook and...
by Jonny Polea