What is Cloud Storage? What do I need to know?

Let’s kick this off by giving you a rundown on cloud storage. Cloud storage Apps allow you to store your files in a virtual cloud, giving you access to them whenever you need them from all of your devices. Devices these d...
by Ryan Oneill


Skyrim: New DLC Hearthfire with free Dawnguard for PS3 users?

It’s fair to say that PS3 users are not happy at all with the Dawnguard situation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda had originally stated that “PS3 users would get it 30 days after the 360”, but it is now ...
by Jonny Polea

hdd_adapter pic 1

How To Use The X360USB PRO HDD Hacker Step-By-Step Tutorial

Ok Team Xecutor have made another excelent release latley The X360USB PRO HDD Hacker. What does this mean for you ? You can now convert any off-the-shelf 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive and convert it to be 100% XBOX 360 Compatible, sav...
by Ryan Oneill



How To Disassemble The Xbox 360 Slim Step-By-Step Guide

This Guide was created by Team executor Member “X” visit source link to say thank you. Disclaimer – I take no responsibility if you damage your slim, follow this guide at your own risk. 1. First remove the 2.5...
by Ryan Oneill


Windows 10 is Already on 14 Million Devices

  Windows 10 is clearly a win for Microsoft this year. Not only is it a much more polished OS, more familiar and with many actually useful features that don’t confuse people when trying to use them, as Windows 8 did....
by Santiago Hinojosa


New Xbox 360 update says goodbye to points and hello to real money

A new Xbox 360 update hitting machines today has finally made official the long awaited demise of Microsoft Points in favour of your local currency. Now when your purchasing those map packs you will be seeing exactly how much o...
by Ryan Oneill



Microsoft throw their smartwatch idea into the ring

With the soon-to-be crowded smartwatch market, Microsoft is reportedly looking to join the fun, as well. It appears that Microsoft has been in contact with suppliers in Asia to provide the company with touch-enabled components ...
by Joshua LaRose


Nokia Lumia 720 Dual Sim on its way?

Although Nokia is now a part of Microsoft, Nokia still has some new models to release under its brand name. We’re not sure yet if Microsoft will re-name the phones after these from Nokia but time will tell. Right now Nokia ar...
by Dave Thornton


50 extra achievements arriving with Halo: The Master Chief Collection day one update

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is set to arrive with a total of 450 achievements as news breaks the day one patch will include an additional 50. The new achievements will add an extra 500 gamerscore and according to the Halo...
by Ryan Oneill