giveaway 6

Win An Awesome Gaming PC

So last month I teamed up with some friends to giveaway a Gaming PC and you guy’s loved it. The reaction was great and it felt awesome being able to provide such an awesome prize to give back to you guys. With that said I...
by Ryan Oneill


Kurt Sutter doubts Sons Of Anarchy game will come to fruition

Kurt Sutter the creator/writer/producer of Sons of Anarchy wants to do a video game adaptation, but the project is “getting no traction.” Sutter voiced his frustrations through Twitter on Saturday morning when he an...
by Jonny Polea

coolermaster giveaway

Win Some Cooler Master Swag (International)

So as I have mentioned before I want to start doing more giveaways for my subscribers only to give you guy’s and girls a better chance of winning some cool stuff. I have a few lined up over the next few weeks that I’...
by Ryan Oneill



Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Sniping Only” (One Shot Playlist) Game Play Video

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare got a new game mode “One Shot” and I used this opportunity to introduce our new game play videos. Basically every player chooses there variation of the MORS sniper rifle and battleR...
by Ryan Oneill


Windows 10 is Already on 14 Million Devices

  Windows 10 is clearly a win for Microsoft this year. Not only is it a much more polished OS, more familiar and with many actually useful features that don’t confuse people when trying to use them, as Windows 8 did....
by Santiago Hinojosa


Box updates UI with new design and widget

When it comes to cloud storage one of my favourite apps is BOX, which I use on a daily basis. Today Box have updated their design and added a new widget. The app works perfectly well but the UI was becoming dated and lost its s...
by Dave Thornton



XBMC Frodo has finally arrived

XBMC fans rejoice, Frodo has finally left Beta and is now with us in its finished form. Just as we were promised XBMC 12 now comes with initial support for Android and the Raspberry Pi as well as live TV and DVR functionality. ...
by Ryan Oneill


2K and Hanger 13 announces the PC Specs for Mafia 3 are you ready

Today Hangar 13 and 2K have revealed the PC requirements needed to play Mafia 3. The PC requirements to play Mafia 3 aren’t as demanding as we’d expect from an open-world game as its minimum requirements mention an i5-2500K...
by Chris Hare


The new Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare armour is stunning and rare

If you are a Call Of Duty fan then you should be excited by Sledgehammer Games recent announcement. Sledgehammer is set to award the top 100 ranked Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players with the exclusive set of armour you see...
by Ryan Oneill