New Halo 4 multiplayer character classes unveiled

You’re going to play Halo 4 this Autumn, there are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. You know it. Your friends know it. Your family knows it. Your significant other knows it (What’s that?You haven’t told...
by Jonny Polea


The new Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare armour is stunning and rare

If you are a Call Of Duty fan then you should be excited by Sledgehammer Games recent announcement. Sledgehammer is set to award the top 100 ranked Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players with the exclusive set of armour you see...
by Ryan Oneill


Windows 10 is Already on 14 Million Devices

  Windows 10 is clearly a win for Microsoft this year. Not only is it a much more polished OS, more familiar and with many actually useful features that don’t confuse people when trying to use them, as Windows 8 did....
by Santiago Hinojosa



MSI announces new products at Computex 2017

Computex is a technology based event that happens in Taipei and it allows companies to show off all their latest and greatest technology that they offer.  This year was an exciting year with venders doubling down on RGB every...
by Weston


Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse Review

So if you love to game on the PC and are looking to buy a new mouse then the budget friendly Corsair KATAR is definitely worth looking at. There are many budget friendly mice on the market and over the next few months I will be...
by Ryan Oneill


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Free For All Series GamePlay

In this series I will play Free For All and publish my latest live game play footage. Free For All is my favourite game modenand has been since the early days of Call Of Duty. The reason I like it so much is winning is all on y...
by Ryan Oneill


giveaway 6

Win An Awesome Gaming PC

So last month I teamed up with some friends to giveaway a Gaming PC and you guy’s loved it. The reaction was great and it felt awesome being able to provide such an awesome prize to give back to you guys. With that said I...
by Ryan Oneill


The ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ bundle may cost $200 but I’m sold

$200 for a game? I must be crazy right? Well let me explain why the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collectors Edition is a must have for me. I’m a huge nerd if you haven’t already noticed, if you follow me on YouTube ...
by Ryan Oneill


Symantec discovers Ransom app locks up Android smartphones

It was only a matter of time before it happened and now it has – ransom malware has successfully made the jump from the PC world where it torments millions of Windows users to the mobile world, where it has similar designs on...
by Dave Thornton