Another BeginnersTech Competition

So we are in the spirit of giving our readers prizes. So to win this Pinlo bumper case we reviewed HERE your going to have to do a bit of work. We are going to start doing App reviews so we want to give our readers a chance to ...
by Ryan Oneill


Pinlo United aluminium hybrid bumper case review for iPhone 4/4s

Today we received a nice treat from MobileFun the Pinlo United aluminium hybrid bumper case. This bumper case keeps in style with the Pinlo range by maintaining the slim and thin look. This is by far the slimmest and lightest a...
by Ryan Oneill

otterbox commuter

Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Commuter case review

Everytime we get an upgrade or buy a new handset the first thing we all think about is how best to protect it. Accidents happen all the time more so for some so finding the best case is vital. There are loads of cases to choos...
by Ryan Oneill



BeginnersTech first ever competition

Right we have been receiving a lot of emails asking for competitions to take place so we have listened to the people and would like to get the ball rolling. The competition is easy to enter just visit our new Facebook Page and ...
by Ryan Oneill


Otterbox Produces iPad 2 Defender case

If your after the ultimate in protection for your much loved iPad2 then look no further that the otterbox defender case. Here’s what they had to say “the iPad 2 version of the Defender is 20-percent lighter than its...
by Ryan Oneill