American Red Cross releases hurricane App

It seems that the American Red Cross will stop at nothing to ensure there Aid reaches those who need it. A few months ago they realeased thier First Aid app that details simple walk through methods for medical emergencies, now ...
by Ryan Oneill


Galaxy S3 RGUI MIUI ROM review (Video)

This is a video review of RGUI MIUI beta 4 running on our Galaxy S3. This ROM is awesome great performance and even better battery life. Sit back and enjoy the video. Want us to review a particular ROM let us know on Facebook o...
by Ryan Oneill



Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL HDTV Adaptor Review

Ok, so here’s the scenario — you’ve just returned from your first big trip around europe with your friends/ on your tod or now ex-girlfriend if the trip hasn’t gone to plan. lets hope its not the latter.
by Ryan Oneill