note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 teaser

Samsung have rolled out a sneaky Note 2 teaser to get us even more excited. I comes in the form of a Youtube clip. We dont actually get to see the Note 2 but we do see its signuture S pen stylus in action. The Note 2 is set to ...
by Ryan Oneill


Kurt Sutter doubts Sons Of Anarchy game will come to fruition

Kurt Sutter the creator/writer/producer of Sons of Anarchy wants to do a video game adaptation, but the project is “getting no traction.” Sutter voiced his frustrations through Twitter on Saturday morning when he an...
by Jonny Polea


BeginnersTech first ever competition

Right we have been receiving a lot of emails asking for competitions to take place so we have listened to the people and would like to get the ball rolling. The competition is easy to enter just visit our new Facebook Page and ...
by Ryan Oneill