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November 11, 2014

TalkTalk Thump customers, face massive price increases

talktalk_logoTalkTalk has landed cash-strapped customers with a series of price hikes for its home phone and broadband services. The price increases, some of which add as much as £5 to monthly bills, come after similar moves by BT and Sky.

All customers will see their line rental increase by 75p per month from 1 December, with the new rate set at £16.70. TalkTalk customers on the Plus Calls and Broadband package will see prices rise by £3 per month to £18.50.

The Anytime UK Calls boost will increase from £5 per month to £7.50 with International Calls Boost going up from £3.50 per month to £5. A number of standalone phone and broadband packages that are no longer sold will see price increases of £5 per month. From January 2015 the standard call connection fee will also increase by 1p from 15p to 16p.

Any TalkTalk customers unhappy with the price hikes can cancel their contract immediately with no financial penalty. To do this contact TalkTalk within 30 days of receiving notification of the price increases.

Which: Consumer rights

Earlier this month Sky announced similar increases which also come into effect on 1 December. Line rental went up £1 per month to £16.40 with Sky voicemail 1571 going from being free to costing £1 per month. The connection fee for calls not included as part of a package will go up from 15p per call to 15.9p. Non-inclusive calls to UK landlines will jump from 8.9p per minute to 9.5p per minute. Calls to UK mobiles will increase from 12p per minute to 12.7p.

In August BT also announced price increases, which again come into effect on 1 December. Line rental will increase from £15.99 to £16.99. Line rental saver will go up from £159.84 to £169.90. Calls to UK landlines and 0870 numbers will increase from 9p per minute to 9.58p per minute. Callback will go up from 19.9p to 21.19p and residential calls to the speaking clock will increase from 36.6p to 38.97p.

BT broadband prices will also go up, some by as much as 6 per cent. BT Infinity with unlimited weekend calls will increase from £18 to £19.15 per month with Broadband with unlimited weekend calls going from £13 per month to £13.80 per month.

It isn’t yet clear if Virgin Media will also increase its prices to match rival companies.

TalkTalk full price increase listing


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