Telegram   Android Apps on Google Play The news last night that Facebook has agreed to buy WhatsApp seems to have sent many users scrambling to find an alternative instant messenger to WhatsApp. We don’t know FaceBooks intentions with regards to Whether Facebook will change the way WhatsApp will look. The CEO of Whatsapp has insisted that ads will not happen, but, who knows what FaceBook will do in the future! FaceBook could of course replace it’s own Messenger with it.

What’s your alternative?
If you’re looking for an alternative to Whatsapp and just want a more secure instant messenger, there’s a lot of reasons to check out other alternatives. One instant messenger app that focuses on security is Telegram.
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Telegram reportedly see’s itself a safer alternative to WhatsApp because of its end to end encryption, self-destructing messages and Secure Chats. Although Telegram does look and feel a lot like WhatsApp and it features are very similar to those you know and love from WhatsApp like emojis and file sharing but with some excellent additions.
Telegram is super-fast, allows encryption of messages, unlimited cloud storage, transferring files (including videos) of up to a gigabyte in size and huge group chats of up to 200 participants. Plus you can use it on multiple devices at once including a computer. Oh, and it’s ad-free and doesn’t cost anything, just like WhatsApp. If you’re looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and you actually care about the security of your communications, you could do much worse than Telegram. The only missing feature right now is voice messages. Telegram has an open API and protocol free for everyone.

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It’s superfast, simple and free.
With Telegram, you can create group chats with up to 200 people so you can stay connected with everyone at once. Plus, you can share videos up to 1GB, send multiple photos from the web, and forward any media you receive in an instant. All your messages are in the cloud, so you can easily access them from any of your devices.
For those interested in maximum privacy, we’ve added Secret Chats, featuring end-to-end encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient. When it comes to Secret Chats, nothing is logged on our servers and you can automatically program the messages to self-destruct from both devices so there is never any record of it.
We built Telegram to make messaging safe again so you can take back your right to privacy.
Why Switch to Telegram?
FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses a decentralized infrastructure with data centers positioned around the globe to connect people to the closest possible server.
SECURE: Security flaws in popular apps like WhatsApp have gotten a lot of bad press recently, so we made it our mission to provide the best security on the market. CLOUD STORAGE: Never lose your data again! Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage for all your Telegram messages and media that you can securely access from multiple devices.
GROUP CHAT & SHARING: With Telegram, you can form large group chats (up to 200 members), quickly share gigabyte size videos, and send all the photos you want to friends.
RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages in the minimum bytes possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It even works on the weakest mobile connections! 100%
FREE & NO ADS: Telegram is free and will always be free. We do not plan to sell ads or introduce subscription fees.
PRIVACY: We take your privacy very seriously and will never give third parties access to your data! SUPPORT: For real-time support, please go to settings in Telegram and select “Ask a Question” to send a message directly to our support staff (phone number 333).
You can also email us at

However if you like helping out developers to improve their apps then Telegram does have a beta app. Telegram Messenger S edition beta versions. May be UNSTABLE. Use this on your own risk. No support for this version. You will find the Google play link below

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S edition beta

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