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January 17, 2013

The Ox Button

We give you: The Ox Button, designed by the great and powerful Aws


Here at Beginners Tech we are Gizmo and Gadget daft, we love and admire anything that makes your life easier with a minimal amount of effort. The Ox Button by designer and innovator Aws Jan does just that, it allows you to go on with daily life without having to worry about the little things, you can then enjoy the big things in life.

You’re probably wondering what the Ox Button and its purpose is exactly, the short video below will show you exactly that. But before you watch the video I would like to invite you to read my short tale, I call it The Dreams & Aspirations of Jonny Polea. This story will take you on an adventure to lands a far, it is a tale of elation, hopes, dreams, love and nightmares all rolled into one.

There once was a young lad named Jonny, he was born in the small town of Greenock in Bonny Scotland. When little Jonny was just three years old, a major motion picture was released, it was called TOP GUN. Now just to be clear, by the age of three, Little Jonny had no interest in high flying mavericks on a mission to kick ass and look cool while doing so. Yet at the age of 8 the block buster was once again introduced him by his older brother Mark. Jonny had already been introduced to Mr Tom Cruise in the character form of the hero Jack from the film aptly named Legend. So when he watched Top Gun, he was introduced to another of Tom’s characters “Maverick”.

Now Jonny is all grown up and has decided its time to pack his bags and go in search of adventure in the enchanted and magical land of Reading in Berkshire. Here, alongside his partner in crime Sarah, they found friendship, happiness, fortune and the ever elusive adventure….ok yes the story is about me and how I saw top gun for the first time and said to myself, I’m going to buy a pair of Mirrored Aviators from Ray Ban and look that cool one day. So I did and…I did, for a short time haha.

As in every great movie, when everything seems rosy and wonderful, the crappy nightmarish part of the story kicks in.

So it’s a lovely sunny warm July morning and Sarah and I are out on the Thames on our friend Philips Boat with a few of our friends. The sun is shining, birds are singing in the trees on the bank, the
people in the boats going by give us a wave to say hello. I’m the designated Captain for today’s excursion (I’m even wearing aviators and the captains hat to prove it) which is fine by me as I love Navigating our way along the winding river, going through the locks and deciding were to dock for lunch and supplies etc. Now the rule on Phil’s boat is simply this, the captain keeps everyone else safe by staying sober and vigilant, therefore who ever wears the hat is in charge and everyone has to do as he or she says etc.

Everything is going “swimmingly” when one of our crew decides to grab the captain’s hat and dive off the bow to go for a little swim, thus promoting her self and becoming Captain. I swing into action, slow the boat by throwing it into reverse and manage to dock the boat in record time to haul Jan (not Jan designer of the Ox Button) out of the water. As I lean over the stern to haul her out of the water, my Aviators which I had taken off and hooked on to the v-neck of my t-shirt, slip off and fall into the river. It felt like a gut wrenching eternity watching the glint of the sun refracting in the lenses and slowly dull as they sank to the bottom of the murky Thames.

Now; – I’m sure you’ve all had similar experiences of hooking your shades or specs onto your collar and then bending over to pick something up only to have your favourite spectaculars fall to the ground and get scratched or crack etc. it’s a horrible feeling I would not wish upon anyone.

Alas, our favourite designer Aws Jan has came up with a brilliant solution for this everyday problem.


Aws needs capital to kick start this project and that’s were you come in. Please check out his page and pledge to help the Ox Button in its quest to keep your specs and shades safe while you and your loved ones enjoy life without having to worry about damaging your lenses etc. Click on the link below for a more in depth overview of this awesome gizmo.

Do you think that the Ox Button is as great an idea as we do? Then let us know in the comment section below.

By Jonny Polea

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