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March 6, 2015

The WankBand will charge your device and bring a smile to you face


As if Fridays aren’t already a great day this article should certainly bring a smile to your face. PornHub has came up with an idea that not only helps save the planet but will save you when your prematurely run out of juice. The WankBand is a new wearable device that straps onto the wrist of your good hand (hairy palmed one) and captures the energy you produce while you ate showing yourself some love. The energy it captures can then be used to charge up anything via USB. The tech is pretty simple as the band uses a weighted ball that travels up and down the tube inside with the flick of a wrist, from there the kinetic energy created is stored until your ready to charge your toys up.

When your ready to get your charge on simply plug a USB cable into the side of the device and get your charge on. If you like the sound of the WankBank you can sign up to be a beta-tester now on their safe for work website. Let us know what you think of the WankBank below.

Via – Engadget
Source – PornHub (SFW)

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