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July 9, 2014

Theftie takes undisclosed selfies of smartphone thieves

Theftie-mainWe all know someone if not ourselves who have lost their smartphone, don’t we? Left it in a taxi, on a train or bus. It happens, no matter how much we hate to admit it and, smartphone theft is just the worse feeling of all.

What  do we do when any of these scenarios happen?


Well hopefully we would have taken steps to make sure that anything important is backed up just in case, you know.. like a regular backup once or twice a week. On top of that it couldn’t hurt to have some security measures in place either. There are a plethora of apps on Google play that can get this job done, with features ranging from device tracking to remote wipe and lock functions. But an app called Theftie aims to take a slightly different approach, and help you catch thieves red handed should your device turn up missing.

Theftie is pretty much just like it sounds, an app that can take a picture of the person’s face who stole your device. An incognito selfie more or less using your device’s front facing camera. Secret selfies of a would be criminal who thrives on stealing smartphones isn’t the only feature offering from Theftie, it too like other apps in this category can provide the user with a remote lock functionality just in case you need it.

Theftie: lock, locate, track, rescue data on your lost phone, stolen phone or misplaced Android, and takes thief’s selfie when suspects.

A great feature of Theftie is its ability to send your data to your Google Drive in case you lost your phone.

How it works
► Prevent: detect unauthorized access to phone and immediately lock down the device, capture a theftie and send to your email.
► Catch: get thefties and locate your device in realtime. Make it easy to communicate with the person who holds the device.
► Rescue data: retrieve your texts, photos or documents from the lost device right on your Google Drive.


☆ Auto-lock when an intruder attempts to enter wrong unlock code
☆ Auto-theftie (capture photo) when an intruder attempts to enter wrong unlock code
☆ Find my phone: easily locate your device on your PC with maps
☆ Lost mode: Lock devices, start tracking locations, capture photo
☆ Rescue data: upload apps/folders to your Google Drive in case you lost your device.
☆ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
☆ Find phone using GPS location
☆ Remote control via web/SMS command
☆ Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
☆ Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
☆ No battery drain
☆ Multiple devices support

☆ Remotely lock device
☆ Remotely wipe SD card
☆ Remotely wipe phone data
☆ Prevent app from being uninstalled
☆ Hide the app icon

Xposed dedicated features

☆ Grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission in order to toggle GPS, disable ADB, Developer mode, Unknown source apps in lost mode

Remote commands:

– Locate
– Send message
– Lock device
– Rescue data
– Dial a number
– Send SMS
– Lock
– Toggle lost mode

Full detail can be found at If you’re interested in giving Theftie a try you can do so for free, just hit the Play Store link below to install it.


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