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February 3, 2014

Three and EE to work together on 4G LTE

wpid-m_join-ee_hero_480x290.jpgWhen two of the UK’s mobile operators, Three and EE, come together to work on the forthcoming build of the their 4G LTE networks. It goes to show just what can be achieved with a little bit of cooperation. The Financial Times have a report that both Three and EE will share costs involving infrastructure (masts and backhaul transmission) costs. Between the two companies the costs involved total £1 billion being invested.


However the FT report also states that “greater flexibility” for EE and Three which will allow them to control the speeds and coverage of their networks.
The upshot of this means that the whole of the 4G network will not be shared by the two companies “the antennas, spectrum and the core network will also be different for the two groups.” The deal is also said to overhaul the conditions of Three’s current agreement with EE.

While deal will allow both operators to share the burden of building further LTE coverage, but it could be beneficial to Three in particular as it looks to boost its 4G presence. Three currently in the process of rolling out 4G coverage to portions of its customer base. being the last major UK provider to do so. Three what to reach 50 cities by the end of 2014 with 98% coverage by 2015.

Source: Financial Times (subscription required)

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