March 16, 2013

THX files lawsuit against Apple


Audio giants THX, the company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas has filed a lawsuit against Apple that claims Apple has infringed one of their patents. The patent in question is in regard to narrow profile speakers with enhanced sound output that can be built into electronics.

According to the court filing the products in question are versions of the iPhone, iPad and iMac. The guys over at Apple Insider have made note that the new thinner iMacs seem to use a design similar to the one described by THX, which includes channeling audio down a slim duct.

“Apples infringement…has caused and will continue to cause THX both monetary damage and irreparable harm,” the suit says, and it asks for damages covering lost profits or “at least a reasonable royalty.” This makes us think that THX and Apple will probably settle there differences out of court. For more coverage visit the source link.

Via – Apple Insider

Source – Bloomberg

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