Okay, so how many of you switch the alarm off only to fall back to sleep? How about everyone’s favourite The Snooze button.
Yes there’s a plethora of alarm apps on Google play and one of my all time favourites is Timely which has won many plaudits around the world for its design.

Tilt_Alarm TiltAlarm2

But now comes The Tilt Alarm taking an interesting twist on getting you up in the morning. No, no snooze option for you.
Tilt Alarm, as its name suggests, requires you to keep the phone at a perfectly vertical orientation for a pre-determined amount of time. The music or alarm clock will decrease its loudness and disable after half a minute or so. If you will fall asleep during that period, the music will become loud again. It’s a totally new concept of waking you up, and it’s pretty effective in preventing you from missing work, school, or your appointments. The application is pretty simple and features quite a minimal UI, but it does its job as intended. OK, you can cheat if you have a wallet type case as I do on my Nexus 5 by standing up and let the alarm fade into the distance, for you to wake up late again!

What the developers said:

When the alarm rings, the user has to tilt their phone almost perfectly vertical for a set amount of time (Tilt Time). The volume will fade from loud to quiet as the phone is tilted and once the Tilt Time has been reached the alarm will end. If the user starts falling back to sleep, their hand will fall causing the Tilt Time to reset and the volume to increase.
We suggest starting with the default Tilt Time of 30 seconds if you’re able to get a full nights sleep. If you’ve been up all night working or studying we suggest a longer tilt time such as 45 or even 60 seconds.

There are two apps, one ad free and one paid app costing £0.54


BT_Get_It_Google_150The Tilt Alarm – AdFree
BT_Get_It_Google_150The Tilt Alarm Clock

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