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September 11, 2013

How Touch ID Protects Your iPhone


Apple announced at it’s keynote on September 10th that the new iPhone 5S will come with finger sensor technology that that they are calling Touch ID.

The Touch ID is located within the home screen button made from sapphire crystal and a steel ring that work together to sense your finger and alert the phone that you are accessing the scanner. After setting up your fingerprint, it is stored within the iPhone 5s’ new A7 chip making it readily accessible anytime you need to use your phone. The scanner also has 360-degree readability, meaning that no matter how you place your finger on the home button, the scanner can detect your fingerprint.

So exactly how will this greatly impact your security? This first notable way is through the lock screen. Those with passwords to unlock their iPhone aren’t necessarily open to theft, but it’s security is able to be bypassed by a simple combination. With no two fingerprints alike, the Touch ID technology makes the phone accessible to you and only you. Beyond security, the Touch ID also allows a quicker access to your iPhone rather than fumbling to put in a password.

Touch ID can also be used as the form of verification for iTunes or App Store purchases. This will be very helpful to parents whose children have access to their iPhone. Unwanted app or song purchases can be avoided and parents can rest assured knowing that their children have limited access. Don’t be surprised to see this technology move into other applications for similar reasons.

Finally, Touch ID can register multiple fingerprints. The people you trust can register their fingerprint to your phone so that they can access it when needed. This way you can still have a hold over your own phone’s security, knowing exactly who can or can’t access your phone. This will also be helpful for family’s or friends who happen to share devices like an iPad.

Touch ID is a huge step forward in mobile security and will probably grow if it proves to be a success. Apple has always been about providing a user experience that helps the user become part of the product, and a personal fingerprint really does just that. As the iPhone 5S releases, look to see how much the Touch ID can really impact the user experience.

Source – Apple

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