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April 22, 2014

Transport for London may introduce NFC payments


With NFC becoming a regular feature on smartphones, wouldn’t it be handy to pay for your morning commute across London? Well that day looks likely to arrive. According to a report in the Financial Times, Transport for London has began talks with carriers EE and Vodafone about extending their mobile wallet solutions to allow passenger toy via their smartphones.

There will be an initial trial period that will likely be a “pay as you go” scheme using apps owned by the mobile operators that users can top up with money. When the new scheme is introduced barriers at the underground stations will work with smartphones for NFC payments but this I something that will have to be arranged prior to launching the scheme.

The scheme itself makes sense as we already know that the cost of printing tickets is pretty high and it would be a lot more cost effective using contactless payment.

Do you think NFC payments on the underground will work? Let us know below.

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