Every time we get a new device in the office the first thing I do is look for a good case and dock. When I received the iPhone 5s I tried a few docks out some of which are in our review section. A few of our iOS readers have been asking me to check out the HiRise dock from Twelve South and I must say I was stunned by it’s beauty. I have been using the dock for around three weeks now so let’s see what I thought.

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The HiRise isn’t your usual lightning -compatible dock. I say that as it is not just a case of opening box and plugging a USB cable in there is some assembly to be done. Dont panic tho its all pretty straight forward and there is even an instructional video to help you a long. When I first received the Twelve South HiRise as always with Twelve South products even the box looked premium. This is a company who really pride themselves on every aspect of a product down to packaging.


When you open the package up you will see all the items in the above picture and as you have probably noticed there is no lightning cable supplied. This is because you have to use your own cable. With this dock there are three mounting tabs included Clip 0 is designed for a naked iPhone 5/5s or for some very slim cases. Clip 2 is for medium-sized cases and Clip 5 is made for rugged solutions like the OtterBox Defender. For me Clip 0 suited my needs but this is an awesome feature as it gives the user the choice and case users can refrain from constantly removing case to charge. This however is not the only part of the dock that can be adjusted, the back support brace can also move to suit you needs as you will see in the video. Overall the assembly took me around two minutes to complete and its a fairly simple job.

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When its all set up the HiRise looks visually stunning and you can instantly tell that it is made with Apple products in mind. The stand itself is made from the same anodized aluminum found on the iMac so it will look great in any office. The underside of the HiRise is coated in a sticky rubber that comes in handy as it stops the dock moving around the desk and this is especially important when you dock the heavier iPad mini. The iPad mini fits great on the stand and holds it in a perfect position for watching YouTube videos or movies on Netflix.

IMG_20140302_155047 IMG_20140302_155037 IMG_20140302_154919 IMG_20140302_154905 IMG_20140302_154854

One other awesome design feature of this dock is the fact you can still access the iPhone 5/5s headphone jack while docked allowing me to listen to music and answer calls using my ear buds with ease. It is also worth noting that the HiRise also does not block off the speakers allowing you to listen to your music without it sounding muffled.


Overall I would say if you are looking for the best dock out there look no further. The build quality, ease of use and overall stunning looks makes this the perfect partner for and iPhone 5/5s or iPad mini. If you want to pick one of these awesome docks up then you can visit Accessory Village now where you will find them for £34.95. I only wish these where available for some of the android devices we have.

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