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April 11, 2011

Twilight Scam On Facebook WARNING

If you have been tagged in your friends online photo albums and received a link asking you to play Twilight Breaking Dawn Game don’t do it its a scam. Also do not be tricked into liking these links.

twiglight breaking dawn

If you happen to click on the link you will be presented with the screen below, and when the play game button is pressed you will be “clickjacked” meaning you will be tricked into saying you like it thus spreading the link virally to all your Facebook freinds.

It doesn’t stop there tho as usual with these games you will be presented with a screen asking you to grant permission for this third party application to access your Facebook account, post messages to your wall and and access your data at any time.


As expected Twiglight fans have allowed permissions which then presents you with a online survey questionnaire to fill out in a convincing Facebook style app which in turn will earn the scammers commision. If you have been tricked into this scam clean your Facebok out ASAP to avoid further damage. See the video below by Naked Security on how to do this.

Source – Naked Security

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