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March 24, 2015

Twitter joins with Foursquare to add specific locations to tweets

twitter-logoTwitter recently announced it will partner with Foursquare to let you tag your tweets with specific locations. Until now, including your location in a tweet only added the general area you were in, such as a city or rural county.

With Foursquare’s database of more than 65 million places worldwide, Twitter will be able to let you get a lot more specific. Twitter recently published a video showing its new Foursquare location mash-up in action. At first glance it’s a set-up that Facebook users will be immediately familiar with.

Checkout the short Twitter video here 

When you decide to add your location to a tweet you’ll be presented with a list of nearby businesses or places of interest in the immediate area. Just select the location that best represents where you are and all your followers will be able to see if you’re at the café near your house or the pizza joint across the street.

Twitter’s video didn’t show what happens if you share your location automatically in all your tweets. Will the app automatically select the most likely location for you or will it default to a general location as it does now?

Twitter hasn’t announced when the new location options will roll out to mobile users other than to say it’s coming soon. It’s also not clear if the location offering will be available on all its mobile apps, including BlackBerry and Windows Phone, or if this will first be an iOS/Android service.


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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