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November 8, 2013

Twitter launches a new alpha testing group for it’s Android app


Twitter is looking to improve it’s app testing program with the launch of a new alpha testing group today. Earlier in the year the company launched a beta test group and has been using the group to test and experiment with a number of different changes and features before making them public.

In a report by TechCrunch the alpha test group will see even earlier versions of Twitter’s experiments and change’s with the app and report back on them, something that beta testers couldn’t do. Just before you get all excited and sign up you should know that alpha tests aren’t all fun, I even had a few problems beta testing before. With that said if you don’t mind crashes and bugs every so often  and want to see new Twitter enhancements before every one else then get signed up.

To sign up you have to apply to be a part of the group but be quick as it’s first come first served basis and if the beta group is anything to go by place numbers will be limited.



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