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December 22, 2013

TYLT VU Wireless charger review, one wireless charger to rule them all

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TYLT is a company known for quality products that are not only functional but stylish as well. One product that has a whole load of style is the TYLT VU wireless charger. Wireless charging is becoming more common now and with that comes all the companies producing wireless chargers. I have used wireless charging since my Nexus 4 days and pretty much hate when I buy device that can’t utilise it. The TYLT VU bring’s a new dimension to wireless charging and takes a step away from the usual charging plate that looks unsightly on your desk and delivered a solid looking charger that features a handy 45 degree viewing angle doubling as a desk stand.

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As with all TYLT products the packaging is equally as impressive as the product itself they really go all out. When you finally crack the packaging open you will ring the TYLT VU itself along with the power adaptor, a small guide and warranty information. You won’t have to worry about the guide as all you have to do is plug the VU in and your all set.

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The VU sits on your desk with ease thanks to the tidy cable management system also known as the small notch cutout of the rear. It’s amazing how such a simple thing can make a product that much better and that’s were TYLT excel as they always think about the simple things. The cable itself is also very long giving you about 6ft to play with so you should have no trouble positioning the charger. The charger itself feels very light but is still strong so you have no fear of breaking it if it falls off the desk. The cradle itself features the TYLT logo and a lovely soft touch plastic ensuring your device will be safe while it’s charging.

As soon as you place your device on the VU it registers and begins charging. Nowadays wireless chargers can charge your device just as quick as standard micro-USB chargers can and the VU certainly manages just that. I took a comparison of charging my Nexus 5 from 0% and the difference is minutes. The main reason for owning the VU is not really for charging times but for the convenience of being able to just sit your device in a cradle rather than footer about with charging cables.

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Another great feature of the VU is it’s ability to charge your device no matter what way you position it on the cradle. This is able to work due to TLYT using 3 coils within the VU meaning you can stand your device up or lie it down and it will still charge away. This also comes in handy if you want to charge your device while watching a movie or YouTube video. As with most wireless chargers out there the VU has an LED that turns green when your device is recognised and charging, but TYLT have positioned it in such a way that you don’t have to try cover it while laying in bed at night. The LED will also turn red should an error occur and blink red to indicate the VU has sorted the problem itself but all this is in the user manual.

So a lot of people worry about their device being overcharged so they will be glad to know that the VU will stop charging your device and go for a nap when your device is fully charged. It will also wake up eery now and then to ensure the battery is still full which i though was a very cool feature. I will also answer another common question and let you know that I have tried charging a few different devices with cases on and it worked a treat. I used the Spigen Neo Hybrid case on our Note 3 with no trouble and also a few different cases on the Nexus 5 and never once ran into an issue.

So overall the TYLT VU is one awesome wireless charger that you should really buy if your in the market for one. It comes in many different colours like black, red, blue and green and not only does it look awesome it just works. The TYLT VU wireless charger will cost you $69.99 from TYLT’s website where you will find many other awesome products like the Energi + backpack that we are currently reviewing.


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