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October 15, 2014

U2’s Bono offers apology for automatic album download


It is safe to say that when Apple announced that they had teamed up with U2 for the Songs of Innocence iTunes giveaway that not everyone approved. Infact some people even demanded Apple give them a way go remove it from their iTunes accounts. It seems that U2’s front man Bono is aware of this situation as he offered an apology during a fan Q&A session on Facebook. His apology seemed sincere as he tells fans that he was worried the years of hard work “might not be heard” if it was a normal release and that they got “carried away” with the idea.

Although it may seem a tad late for an apology at least the band acknowledges the mistake making it unlikely to happen again. At the end of the day U2 did make around $100 million out of the deal so I doubt they will loose much sleep over the matter.

Via – MacRumors
Source – U2 (Facebook)

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