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August 31, 2013

UK Android HDMI TV Dongle – Rocket Droid PC – Seeks Backing Through Crowdfunding Campaign


London-based technology firm Rocket Goods Ltd. has designed and successfully tested a revolutionary Android TV dongle called Rocket Droid Pc (also popularly known as R-Droid). This device is more powerful and quicker than any other Android TV dongle available in the market. Currently, the company is seeking £75,000 in funding to go into production. R-Droid has a crowdfunding campaign running on It can be viewed at: R-Droid’s Crowdfunding campaign.

The Indiegogo link also has a referral contest that gives participants an opportunity to win an R-Droid. In order to take part, participants will have to simply share a referral link on as many social media sites as possible.


R-Droid promises exceptional Android gaming and user experience on televisions as never seen before. Mark Smith, co-founder of Rocket Goods Ltd., has stated that the company’s strategy was to thoroughly study other existing dongles available in the market. The main goal was to come up with a product that will answer the deficiencies found in current dongles. Thus, R-Droid was born.

Rocket Goods Ltd. has invested considerable amount of time and financial resources in developing the R-Droid prototype. Over two years of re-designing, prototyping and testing has been completed so far. The company is satisfied with results and now seeks funding from investors to go into production. The £75,000 funding will help the company jump into production immediately without worrying about the usual tangle encountered while dealing with banks.

R-Droid converts conventional television sets into Smart TVs that will revolutionize the way people interact with the world from home of office. A television that is powered by R-Droid offers endless possibilities it can be transformed into an interactive medium that offers the following capabilities: 1. Exceptional browsing experience that allows users to have fun on social media sites, view news sites or perform just about anything online. 2. Serves as a working tool where users can create and edit documents, view PDFs, receive/send e-mails and do video conferences. 3. Excellent download experience from sites such as Google Play store. R-Droid allows users to download quality applications and games that can be enjoyed on televisions.

R-Droid is easily the best device to bring features of an android mobile phone to television screens. Whether its Skype or YouTube, R-Droid ensures the best ever Android experience on television. The biggest advantage R-Droid offers is the ability to enjoy mobile or computer-based applications on the wide screens televisions offer.

Those interested in funding the project will be glad to know that the rocket-shaped R-Droid looks great and is loaded with features. The device uses Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as its Operating System. Featuring an expandable memory of 32 GB via Micro SD Card, the R-Droid will have 1.5 – 2 GHZ of DDR3 RAM and 8 GB internal storage. All campaign supporters will have their R-Droids upgraded to Quad Core processors.

R-Droids are pretty simple to use and can be plugged into the HDMI ports of television sets, instantly converting them into Smart TVs. The device comes with a Rocket Mouse, which is a compact device featuring a combo of a wireless mouse and mini keyboard.


R-Droid also allows the user to download and install games or applications in its build-in memory. These downloaded applications can then be enjoyed on the television screen from the comfort of the user’s home.

R-Droid is available in a range of attractive colors. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and comes with a 4-port USB extender that can connect a webcam, keyboard mouse or just about any other USB device.

About the Company

Rocket Goods Ltd. provides innovative and unique devices for offices or homes that will help make the lives of consumers better. All products offered by the company are difficult to obtain from regular retail outlets but are available at bargain prices. The company is based out of South West London.

For more information on the Rocket Droid Pc:

Contact: Mark Smith
Tel: +44(0)208 133 4142
E-mail: mail(at)rocketgoods(dot)com
Website address: 


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