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March 23, 2013

UK ISPs start blocking torrent sites


So if you are a torrent downloader here in the UK and are looking to get your download on this weekend you may be disappointed. ISPs including BT, O2, Virgin Media and Be have started blocking torrent sites following an order from the High Court.

If you are a naughty torrent downloader don’t be to sad as not all sites are blocked, Kickass Torrents, H33T and Fenopy are the only sites you won’t be able to access according to a report from The Inquirer. The ban began yesterday but lets face it will it actually make any difference?

It seems the ban has targeted the most visited sites as Kickass Torrents is one of the 50 most-visited sites in the UK. H33T and Fenopy are no strangers to large volumes of traffic either clocking up hundreds of thousands of visitors each day.

So it looks like some more torrent sites have joined The Pirate Bay but we know how that turned out, they introduced a workaround and file sharing hasn’t decreased at all. It should be noted that the ISPs above didn’t block the sites voluntarily but they didn’t really fight it either.

The High Court order came at the request from nine major record labels and was led by the BPI (British Phonographic Industry). They cited Section 97A of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act. The resulted in BT, EE, O2, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media being asked to stop letting users accessing the above sites. Sky, EE and Talk Talk haven’t blocked access as of yet and it is unknown wether they will in future.

I totally understand why music labels and film studios are fighting hard for their copyright but is blocking sites really going to make a difference? A quick Google search and you will find pages of sites hosting what you are looking for. While the three biggest sites may be blocked it is only going to drive traffic elsewhere and make another few sites just as popular and help them reach a similar status.

What do you think? Is blocking sites the answer? Let me know below.

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