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January 29, 2014

UK Motorola Moto X release date pegged for February 1st


When we were at the UK unveiling of the Motorola Moto X earlier this month, Motorola didn’t give us a precise release date. Despite being released a few months ago in the US, it has sold quite well. Maybe not having the most boast-worthy specs on the market, the Moto X still commands high demand where it is available. However, the Google-owned hardware manufacturer announced that their customizable flagship would be available in the UK and select European countries, beginning February 1st.

Well it seems that Motorola have their stocks up in the UK earlier than planned , and will be able to get their hands on a Moto X as early as this Thursday.
Our friends at Clove, one of the most popular (family run) mobile phone retailer in the UK announced that they’ll be getting the Moto X two days earlier, for £330
The Moto X, has been praised for its exceptional build quality, customization, and fluid, stock Android experience. Its “Ok Google” voice commands also work top-notch. One of the nice touches is the ability to take and send picture in one click. Motorola have also worked hard on a clever marketing scheme, which has helped the phone to sell steadily.

If you are looking to pick one up then head over to Clove.

Source Clove blog

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