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May 19, 2014

UK Ownfone release Braille mobile phone goes on sale in the UK

ownphone2_thumbnailWhen it comes to mobile phones for the visually impaired you’d be hard pressed to find any, even one on the market.

Well a UK company called OwnFone have release on the UK market just that, a braille phone that has (raised dots) on the buttons.

The 3D-printed hardware lets you select up to four contacts that can be assigned to the device, making it ideal for emergencies and people who need to stay in touch with family or carers on a regular basis. It’s available right now for a base price of £60, plus an additional monthly charge of between £7.50 and £15.00 per month — depending on how much call time you want or need.

Small and light
OwnFone is credit card sized and only weighs 40g
You design your OwnFone and we build it for you
Ready to use
OwnFone is ready‐to‐use straight out of the box
Easy to use
To make a call just press a name or photo button
Safe and secure
OwnFone only calls the people you choose
Long battery life
OwnFone will last up to a year in standby mode

Via: BBC News

Source: Ownfone

OwnFone, which launched a customizable mobile phone for kids and the elderly back in 2012, is now offering its stripped-down handset with braille (raised dots) on the buttons.


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