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November 24, 2014

UK wants Internet providers to identify users


It seems the UK government is not going to let the plan involving tracking Internet activity go. In an attempt to fight terrorism UK Home Secretary Theresa May is proposing a bill that will require Internet providers to track and keep tabs on who is using a given internet protocol (IP) address and hand it over to the police. The idea is to allow the police to use this information to hunt down suspects. There are no clear details at present, but it appears there would be some accountability involved with the police needing permission before collecting IP address information and documentation would show when and why it was collected.

It seems this bill is a bit more respectful of users than the ridiculous Communication Data Bill that thankfully failed to be put through. With that said it could still spark debate with concerns that it could potentially reveal to much about people’s Internet activity like where they are at that exact moment. What also seems strange is that this new method will only catch the dumb criminals who don’t use one of many ways to mask their IP address. I imagine that May will have another fight on her hands with this one what do you think??

Via – Wall Street Journal
Source – BBC

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