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June 19, 2017

Ultra compact SFF case by DAN cases

Todays news article is all about an interesting new SFF case from DAN cases. If you’ve never heard of them, here is a bit of information them. DAN cases are currently seeking funding on KickStarter with the hope of releasing this new small form factor case in January next year. This looks pretty likely as they’ve been funded to the tune of 520,000 Euros with over a week left.

Here is some info about this interesting take on this ultra compact PC case.

DAN cases have done something really intriguing with the design and tried to make it as compact as possible whilst maintaining a degree of practicality. It has some pretty interesting design elements, both inside and outside as well as  still having the ability to fit in a full system. This makes it a great option for those of us who like to keep a powerful system but with a reduced footprint.

Windowed version

Full size GPU support

Below you can just see how tiny this case is. In comparison its  almost as small as the new Xbox One X, quite impressive considering it can fit a full length GPU up to 306mm in it. Although some larger cards won’t fit, its still highly impressive.


Not only that but it will feature support for water cooling. From their campaign it looks like it only supports one which is the Asetek 545LC the downside to this is that you’ll have to remove the front USB. But it can however support CPU coolers up to 48mm or 54.5mm which the optional windowed variant. Motherboard support is Mini ITX, you’ll need low profile RAM up to a max of 52mm or 58.5mm with the windowed model. Power supply support is either the SFX or SFX-L variety and you can install up to 3 2.5 inch drives.

Cable management looks decent too, there appears to be plenty of space under the graphics card and power supply. There also seems to be a few cable tie points to tidy up the cables.

The case will be made from a combination of Aluminium or Aluminium and perspex depending on which version you opt for. It’ll weigh a very lightweight 1.25KG and it’ll be available in either anodized black or silver.



Should you care, well that depends. If you want one of or possibly the smallest case to feature full GPU support, then yes. If you are short on space but still need a powerful system, then yes. But if you are worried about the possible compromises this could have, then I guess we’ll have to wait and see if there are any when the units start rolling out. I personally quite like what they’ve done with this case, its minimal, really well thought out, has impressive hardware support for such a compact chassis and to top it all off its looking like its going to be quite affordable too.

The A4-SFX should hopefully start shipping in January 2018 and I’m quite excited as I really do love small form factor cases, especially when they’re done right. But will do be one of those cases? We’ll have to see.


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