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May 28, 2015

USB Type C Support Coming to Android Smartphones

USB Type C

We saw it first in the New Macbook and in the new Chromebook Pixel, and we’ll be seeing it soon on a whole bunch of new devices. I’m talking about the all-in-one USB Type C. Some of the advantages of the Type C connector are faster charging, faster data transfers, and reversible plug-in (Finally!). USB Type C will not only be taking over USB 3 and charging port on computers and laptops, but also over micro USB on smartphones and tablets and maybe even over the lightning port on Apple devices. At its Google I/O conference today, the search giant announced that USB type C support is coming to Android smartphones. This means you will be able to charge your phone with your tablet or transfer files from one device to the other seemlessly. Also, REVERSIBLE PLUG-IN!

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