Today we are going to look at a product from Hampshire-based electronics manufacturer Veho. I have chosen to review the rechargeable 360-degree M4  Bluetooth Speaker as thanks to the mobile phone there has been a huge rise in the production of  audio peripherals that can give you a pretty decent budget sound system. I would like to thank MobileFun for the chance to review this product.

Design and features

The Veho 360 M4 is a tiny speaker. It measures just 60mm high and 60mm across, and weighs around 175g. This makes it ideal for carrying around and Veho have obviously thought of that as they have included a sock for the M4 to sleep in. The M4 is eye catching and has an industrial look to it. Its rocks a cylindrical speaker chamber surrounded with aluminium mesh-work and is mounted on a brushed aluminium case. It truly is a thing of beauty. The top cap is made from plastic and plays host to the skip, volume and play/pause controls. I know what your thinking plastic cap? Well it ain’t great but it does have a solid feel about it. The top cap also features Blue LEDS behind the controls and a lovely ring of light around the cap allowing you to easily locate them in a darkened room.

The M4 has two 2.2W speakers and features a micro-SD card slot (compatible to 16GB  with support for mp3 and WMV), a 3.5mm line-in for devices without Bluetooth,  and a mini-USB port for recharging the 600mAh Li-ion battery. This leaves the user with plenty of options for playback.

Pairing the M4 over Bluetooth is a simple process. Simply turn the Veho’s switch to Bluetooth and then switch your devices Bluetooth on. Your device will then show ‘VEHO 360bt’, simply click it and enter either 0000 or 1234 to pair. I paired it with every Bluetooth device I could find without any problems at all. The range is limited to 10m so you cant go crazy distances away but I had no trouble mobilising around my home.


I was surprised how much noise this little speaker can produce. It filled the room with crisp music with no trouble at all. The M4 provides a full 360 degree area of sound so placed correctly in a room and the sound is excellent. If you are planning on taking it out make sure you take the charging cable as over Bluetooth I was only getting 2.5 hours playback. This isn’t really a problem as this is one powerful little device.


I would definitely recommend this speaker to anyone who is in the market for a cheap Bluetooth speaker with punch. If you are quick and visit MobileFun you can pick this up for £24.97 in there clearance sale down from £59.99 now that’s a bargain.

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