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February 17, 2014

Vodafone Ultrafast 4G Expands Across the UK

Vodafone_Retail-122Vodafone UK announces 500,000 4G customers in just six months. Vodafone Ultrafast 4G rolling out in 208 cities, towns and districts across the UK. Customers on ultrafast 4G on average using twice as much data as 3G customers Vodafone charge more for 4G as is shown below for the Nokia Lumia 1520 black (4G-ready). You do get unlimited minutes and texts plus 3GB if date.



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Vodafone UK has announced that it now has 500,000 customers on its Red 4G plans, just six months after they went on sale, giving even more people the chance to enjoy fantastic sports or music entertainment.

Vodafone ultrafast 4G brings entertainment content to life whether at home or on the go, offering music and sports lovers a choice of access to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. That’s more than 20 million tracks from the world’s best known streaming music provider; or the best in live action football from across the Premier League and Championship as well as tennis, cricket, golf and rugby.

The choice of great entertainment comes on top of Vodafone Data Test Drive for the first three months, double Vodafone’s standard data allowances and now come with an additional 1GB for the length of the contract, plus unlimited calls and texts. Customers are taking full advantage of Vodafone’s data allowances and ultrafast speeds by using on average twice as much data as those on 3G, with those signed up to Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV using even more. 4G customers are also on average doing twice as much music and video streaming, video calling, online shopping and online banking. Vodafone has also revealed that 4G customers used 300Tb of data during December 2013 alone.

Business customers are enjoying the flexibility of Vodafone’s free data sharing SIM included in their 4G Red plans. Customers on business 4G Red plans have increased their data usage by around 1GB – that’s over twice as much as 3G Red plans. Their 4G plans have also been boosted with an extra 1GB of data for the length of the customer’s contract.

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