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November 11, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Self Help


So it’s that time of the week again when we talk The Walking Dead and I give you my thoughts on the latest episode. This weeks episode titled “Self Help” has me slightly annoyed especially after how awesome last weeks episode “Slabtown” was.  It seems AMC just can’t stick to the story we are desperately all wanting to see played out, but I guess feeding us it a bit at a time is what makes us all come back for more. On another note  “Self Help” gives us an insight into how the “ginger badass” Abraham became so, well badass.

It is hard to like new characters when it comes to The Walking Dead, especially now that we are 5 seasons in. This is due to the fact that we love our core group and outsiders seem to always turn into villains or ruin something we enjoy. With that said I must say that as a fan of the comic book series I was excited to see Abraham, Eugene and Rosita brought into the story but so far they haven’t played a big enough part for me to actually care about them or get engaged with their characters.


That all changed in this weeks episode which actually managed to help viewers understand what these characters are really about and how they ended up at this point. It all starts with the DC road trip gang hitting the road yet again. I say yet again as this mission was starting to get to me if I’m totally honest with all the stop-start moments and obstacles. If you felt like me then you can start to relax now as this episode clears it all up and we find out that all these hurdles that had Abraham so frustrated with his move forward attitude were actually happening for a reason.

Self Help leads us toward a collision coarse between Abraham and Eugene with their baggage being the catalyst. We have one character needing the mission to keep his mind from thinking about his trauma and the other needing to surround himself with people who can protect him. We finally find out that Eugene was lying the whole time about the Human Genome Project and it all happened in the most bizarre way as he himself exposes the lie as he becomes overwhelmed with all the guilt. Well there was the guilt part but the fact that they were getting closer to the destination wasn’t helping him either.

bus crash

The plot seemed to work very well and the story was told with flashbacks thrown in here and there that detailed Abraham’s tragedy, showing us how he met Eugene. Abraham in a bizarre way probably has Eugene to thank for saving his life as the pair crossed paths  just as he was about to end his own life. I guess you could predict the meeting of the pair with cowardly Eugene screaming for help be saved from a handful of walkers that any character in the story could have easily dealt with. After he saves the day Abraham begins to walk away leaving Eugene filled with panic and fear. This is the moment thats kickstarts the DC mission as he tells Abraham that he is in need of a soldier for his top secret mission. In normal circumstances Abraham would have probably dismissed Eugene’s crazy story but given he was struggling with grief after finding his wife and kids you can’t blame him for wanting to believe, even if it was just to take his mind off his family.

bloody Abraham

This episode also gave is a closer look at Rosita and Abraham’s relationship with some intimate moments thrown in. I say intimate but I should also mention that the sex scene throughs up some weirdness as well after the pair clock Eugene watching them “again”.  It doesn’t seem to bother them and seemed almost normal behaviour and as Eugene told Tara after she catches him, “It is a victimless crime that provides both comfort and distraction.” Tara catching Eugene watching sexy time takes me to a moment  in the tale that I can’t quite get my head around. It begins when Eugene, after some conversation with Tara decides to randomly tell her that it was him that sabotaged the bus that just so happened could have killed everyone. Tara doesn’t seem overly annoyed by this and agrees to keep it a secret and warms him not to tell anyone else. It is hard to tell during the scene wether or not she knew about Eugene’s lie as a whole or wether she sympathised with him due to her previous mistakes. Either way it was all a bit strange but if you have any idea’s let me know.

As you know our old friends Glen and Maggie where on the mission to nowhere as well but to be honest I felt like they were only there to give us familiar faces in amongst the newish ones as they didn’t really play a big part other than the odd comedy moment.


The bombshell moment when Eugene tells the group the truth was just perfect with it leading to Abraham turning the anger to full landing a few head punches on Eugene who finishes up in a bad way on the ground. One thing’s for sure if the group hadn’t have stopped Abraham that would have been the last we seen of Eugene.


“Self Help” may not have been the episode we were hoping for but it certainly revealed everything we needed to know about Eugene and Abraham since they first appeared back in February. They were both pretty much using each other with Eugene just wanting to survive and Abraham needing a distraction, but what now?

The main twist was something that most viewers probably seen coming a mile away and those of us who have read the comics already knew. Either way the characters have been played very well especially Eugene’s unique part that more often than not sticks out from the others.

So what do the DC group do now? They are not so far from the church so do they go back and join our favourite group or do they just carry on with their own group? I guess we will find out soon enough. Either way I just hope next week AMC gives us another Bethisode that finally let’s us see what Carol is really up to and who the hell it is in the bushes.

Let us know what you thought of this weeks episode.


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