In this review we would like to show you the Wamo Pro Bluetooth controller from DealExtreme. The controller is shaped just like the Xbox 360 controller and works with Android, iOS and PC and has an extensible grip to support different smartphone sizes.

The package came with the following items:

  • 1x Wamo Pro Bluetooth controller.
  • 1x ~148cm USB cable (used to recharge the Bluetooth gamepad or to update the Wamo Pro firmware).
  • 1x User manual (English and Chinese).

Features of the Wamo Pro

  • 4 modes of use: Gamepad, Keyboard, App and iOS (details later).
  • GREAT dpad, analogs and buttons quality.
  • Extensible grip (9cm).
  • Bluetooth 3.0 (it works with older Bluetooth devices too).
  • 6~8 meters of wireless range.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Compatible with PC (tested on Windows 7).
  • 500mAh built-in lithium battery.
  • Buttons: A, B, X, Y, LB, LT, RB, RT, Select, Start, L3, R3 and HOME.
  • Pads: one D-Pad and two Analogs.
  • Material: plastic.

The Wamo Pro controller will hold most smartphones in place as it’s extendable grip stretches to around 9cm in length which our Note 3 fitted in with no trouble at all. Setup of the controller can be a pain so we have taking that pain away for you with the guide below. We have started with Android as this is hardest to setup but there is a table below showing you all the modes for setup.

How to setup your Wamo Pro on Android

Step 1: Download and install “Wamo Ground” app from SZ Wamo’s website, ensure unknown sources is ticked in your security settings so that you can install the app. On the site just click Address One on the Wamo Ground box.

Step 2: Open “Wamo Ground App” (see below)

Wamo App

Step 3: Click on “My equipment” in the lower scrollable menu (see below)

Wamo Screen add equipment

Step 4: Now go to your controller turn it on and hold down X button for “GAMEPAD MODE”.

Step 5: While still holding the X button, hold down the HOME button until the lights start blinking.

Step 6: Release both buttons.

Step 7: Now go back to “Wamo Ground app”, click on the Bluetooth ON button to ensure Bluetooth is on (see below)

Wamo Screen Bluetoth on

Step 8: Click on “Add equipment” (See below)

Step 9: The app will now list any Bluetooth devices in range so just click on the “Binding” button related to your WamoPro device (See below)

Wamo Screen bind device

Step 10: If you have a successful connection the first light will stay on and the app will open a test screen so you can check if the controller is working properly so press a few buttons to see if you get a response.

Step 11: Close “Wamo Ground” app

Step 12: Go get your game on, you can now open your prefered app or emulator and map buttons to your liking.

So I as mentioned above there a different modes available depending on your device so the modes are listed below.

Gamepad – X  

Keyboard – A

App – Y

iOS – B


When you finally get through the setup the Wamo Pro is as good as any other budget Bluetooth controller out there and at only £18.23 with free shipping from DealExtreme one can hardly complain. Gaming on the Wamo Pro is like using your Xbox 360 controller, it gives you a great advantage while playing games like Modern Combat and makes emulators that much more fun. It handles well and will satisfy the casual gamer tho it is worth noting that you shouldn’t buy this expecting the same performance as a Moga Pro but if your on a budget then this could work for you.

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