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August 21, 2012

What is Cloud Storage? What do I need to know?


Let’s kick this off by giving you a rundown on cloud storage. Cloud storage Apps allow you to store your files in a virtual cloud, giving you access to them whenever you need them from all of your devices. Devices these days have all different sizes of internal storage available. In most cases the more storage the higher the cost. My hope is that after you read over this topic you will be able to get the most out of your devices storage. This will benifit those who own devices like the all new HTC One X or S that don’t have the microSD option or simply those who just never have enough storage. Below is a list of the things that we hope helps you get started.

You have plenty of choices
There are loads of different cloud storage Apps that you can use. Some of the well known Apps are Google Drive, Drop box, Microsoft skydrive, Amazon cloud drive and SugarSync. There is no “best” option they are all good at doing different things. Some are great at streaming music playlists and some are great at sharing photos. Always remember you don’t have to use just one, you can use them all to get the best out of cloud storage.

You can instantly upload your files
Cloud storage is great for those who take pictures on their phones, as one of the best features of cloud storage is instant upload. Apps that use this, like Dropbox, will automatically upload any pictures you take straight to your cloud storage account meaning any device that has that account enabled can access the picture instantly.

Security is vital to everyone especially when it comes to their personal pictures and media. Apps like Spider oak use an encrypted cloud backup service that let’s you make decisions on what goes to the cloud before accessing them across other devices. BoxCryptor is a bit different, it works by encrypting external cloud storage like DropBox and Google Drive. So have a look at your options and pick what suits.

What about Streaming Media?
Not all cloud storage allows you to stream music and movies. Services like mspot and vzarr allow you to stream music and video’s you have stored in the cloud straight to you devices.

Manage multiple services
If you are going to use several Cloud services it can be a pain trying to keep on top of it all. There is a solution out there for you. Otixo allows you to manage all your accounts under one service and transfer files between them.

I hope this has given you the confidence to start using cloud storage. It really is worth it and easy to set up.
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