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January 22, 2015

Windows 10 will have Lumia Camera as default camera app

Lumia_camera5Confirmation that Microsoft will have its Lumia Camera as stock camera app on the upcoming Windows 10. This means that all Windows Phone 8.1 devices are going to be using the camera suite when the Windows 10 update launches for their phones.

So to be clear, Lumia Camera is the default on Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8 (Cyan) but, NOT the Denim update dubbed Lumia Camera 5 we reported on a week ago. Although even having the Denim update does not mean you have the Lumia Camera 5.

Lumia Camera 5 brings some very advanced options. The app offers faster shooting, although we suspect this will depends on your Lumia model as to whether you will be able you use/have the Lumia Camera 5 or have to stick with the regular camera app.
Lumia Camera 5 allows 4K video recording at 24fps and to take 8.3MP snaps of those videos to export as full photos with compatible phones.


To capture better low-light images with the Lumia Camera 5. The app will capture an image with the flash on and one with the flash off and then allow you to choose just how much flash you want to have in the photo. Lumia Camera 5 will allow devices to snap a burst of images to combine into a single one with improved dynamic range and detail.

Source WMpoweruser

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