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July 1, 2015

WordPress 4.2 for Android updates include PIN lock, Insights section, Passcode Lock screen and Website search

WordpressWordPress, the popular content management system which powers lots of blogs and review websites (including ours), has released version 4.2 of its Android app with some welcomed new changes.

So let’s delve straight into WordPress three main updates, Insights, Passcode Lock screen redesign and Website search.

1st up ─ Insights:

The first major change is in the Insights section, which includes statistics on everything from the most popular posts of the day to top referrers. Prior to today’s update, the only way to get a good idea for your WordPress site’s all-time stats was to view stats by day, month, and year. Now the app puts all-time stats – all-time total views, total visitors, etc. – front and center. The top-viewed posts and pages for whatever time period you’re viewing are still there, just further down the screen. Below are before and after pictures.


2nd ─ Passcode Lock screen redesign:

The Passcode Lock screen, which is where you input your 4-digit PIN whenever you open the app, if you’ve opted-in to using one, has received a Material Design refresh. To enter a Passcode see the screenshots below, open account settings and you will see Turn PIN lock on/off.

WP_pinlock_1 WP_pinlock_2

3rd ─ Website search:

Now visiting the “Switch site” view will show a search field where you can search for WordPress sites you belong to. This will come in handy for those who have lots of WordPress sites connected to their account and want a quick way to find a specific one. It looks like this:


Apart from those changes, also included are bug fixes and minor tweaks. It hasn’t found its way to Google Play yet but, if you can’t wait then you can download it right now on APKMirror  here. Open that link from a browser on your Android device, press “Download” and then you can install it from your notifications panel once it’s ready.

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