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February 8, 2015

WP Calendar v4.1.0.0. adds Colours and Live Tiles

WP Calendar_3WP Calendar enables you to manage the calendars synchronized with your Windows Phone. You will also have access to customizable live tiles and research of appointments.

WP Calendar has been designed to be Clean, Simple and Effective adding Colours and Live Tiles

WP Calendar_1WP Calendar_2WP Calendar_4

This version is made of 2 main features and several improvement in the customization of WP CalendarMain features

  • You can now choose the colours  of the header and the application bar
  • A new tile template is available and a new date size


  • Link for Phone number, email and internet address in appointment detail
  • Using Phone Settings to display the names of days and months
  • Setting of defaults values for creating an appointment
  • Option to hide 1/2 hour lines

WP Calendar_5WP Calendar_6WP Calendar_7

To use the application, 4 things to know :
– Flick left or right to change view
– Flick up or down to move forward or backward in time
– Tap, to display an appointment or to change view
– Double tap to come back to the current date
The application comes with a trial version that will let you launch the application during 5 days and access all the features.Give it a try ! After which, if you like it, the cost will be £1.49.Use the download link belowBT_WindowsPhone

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