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August 4, 2014

XBMC to be renamed Kodi as it says goodbye to it’s roots


XBMC which stands for Xbox Media Center has been used by millions around the globe for some time now. There have been many new updates to XBMC over the years but the biggest change is about to occur in the next release.

The media center app will leave it’s old name behind, as let’s face it Xbox Media Center is not really a relevant name with all the devices and platforms it can now run on. As of the next release it will be known as Kodi in a long overdue rebranding. Renaming the media center will also be a good move as its less likely to attract legal issues from the likes of Microsoft.

The new version is currently in Alpha at present but expect to see the new name popping up very soon. It may be the end of an era but the new universal naming is a welcome change and we look forward to seeing what other changes the next version will bring along with it.

Source – XBMC

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