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June 4, 2014

Xbox One June update is here and it’s awesome


Xbox updates are frequent but with each update comes more improvements. This month has brought my favourite update so far and one I have been waiting for since launch.


First up is the return of automatic logins, this means that even if your Kinect is unplugged (or you don’t have one) all your saves and settings will be available straight away without any extra messing around. Now for my favourite part of this update the Xbox One now supports up to two external hard drives, just as long as they’re USB 3.0 and 256GB or above. With all the large games being released this is an absolute blessing. After briefly testing the new feature it also appears that loading is a lot faster as well when using 7200RPM drives instead of the standard laptop iteration Microsoft has used inside the Xbox One. If you like your free games then you will be happy to know that the Xbox One version of Games for Gold and a new VIP section have arrived letting subscribers access games like Halo: Sparton Assualt for free. Those with access to Hulu can also get a three month trial as well.

The fun doesn’t stop there as you will now be able to take your hard drives with you to your friends houses and use them. Yes that’s correct you want have to suffer the long wait of installing games like Titanfall all over again. If you keep up to date with Xbox news you will know that Microsoft had promised that you will be able to use your real name instead of your gamer tag, a feature I don’t really care for. You can also choose who will see your real name as well incase you don’t want the whole world to know who you are.

There are a few more features that have arrived as well, if you want to see them all in action then the video below will give you what you want.

Source – Xbox Support, Major Nelson

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