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October 16, 2014

Xbox One October Update Rolling Out Now


Another month another update for our Xbox One consoles. This months update brings with it a large amount of improvements as well as some new features. Among these new features we have additional SmartGlass functionality and improved account security. You can now begin checking if the update has reached you by the usual method of  going into the console’s System menu under Settings to check if the update has rolled as far as you yet. We have all the details below you will need as well as the video below by Major Nelson detailing the good stuff.

So lets discuss some of our favourite parts of the update. Firstly we now have DLNA streaming available via the media app which is great but what makes it even better is we also have support for MKV format videos, these can also be played via a USB device if you so wish.

Account security has been tightened and Microsoft have added two step verification. Xbox one users will now be able to add a second contact method (email address, phone number).  This in turn will make things a lot harder for anyone trying to steal your login details. It seems that these changes will not be starting till later on the month but it is certainly a welcomed addition.

Snap has been updated giving faster access to your friends list and messages. The new friends section allows users to keep tabs on their friends Gamerscore and see what they are playing etc. They have also made it a lot easier for users to reply to messages which is another great feature as this is something we felt needed addressed.

You can now double tap the Xbox button on your controller to open an app in snap mode, allowing you to toggle between the app and game with ease. Achievements can now be captioned and shown off to your rivals and friends.

Overall it seems as tho we done well this month. For full details of the update you can visit the link below. Let us know what you think about the update or what you are hoping for next.

Source – Major Nelson

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