If you’re an avid gamer and you want to step up your gaming on PC, would the Xtrfy B1 mouse bungee be the right product that you add to your arsenal?

In the box

Included with the bungee you get

  • A carry bag
  • A 1.5m braided cable
  • The base
  • The arm
  • A D-ring screw
  • The manual
  • A sticker


Design and Build

The Xtrfy B1 boasts something that not many products do and that is be unique. Because the B1 features a hand brushed Steel finish, not only does look very sleek, it means each of the B1 are slightly different. This not only sets them apart from each other, but also from the rest of the mouse bungees on the market.



The brushed metal finish is broken in two via a semi matte Black channel, this not only breaks up the metal, it also houses the flexible arm and a cutout for cable management. So not only is it functional, it does job of creating a nice job of balancing out the overall design.


Onto the arm now and this is finished in a vibrant Yellow, this coloured accented piece may not suit everyones taste and I think if they did a second version with a more colour neutral finish, then it would appeal to a wider audience. But as its designed in co-op with Ninjas in Pyjamas, Yellow is a big theme across all their branding.


The arm is made from flexible silicone and has a solid core. The top section is the flexible part and that allows the versatile movement. The bottom section is rigid and keeps the arm stable. Its a good design and I’ll explain how it affects performance later on.



Continuing with the design and the left section of the B1 is clear whilst the ride side features some Xtrfy branding. This is cut into the metal and has a nice subtle illumination. Its kinda refreshing that they haven’t gone all out with RGB, but again this limits its appeal to a narrow section of the gamers that would consider using it.



Round the back their is a four port USB hub, not only does this increase the amount of ports you have, it means that you don’t need a secondary hub to gain extra ports. In my case I used the hub to free up some ports on my motherboard and I now have three extra ports if needed. I used the built in hub for a wireless dongle for my gaming headset and also the connector for my controller.


Also if used correctly it can improve cable management and tidy up your desk surface. I spent a few minuted sorting out the cable mess behind my PC and this went a long way to help.


The power connector is also round the back too, this will go into a spare USB port on your motherboard and it will then draw power from your system. This is great as it doesn’t require any mains power to work.


On the underside of the hub is one large rubber pad, this allows the hub to grip to your surface and prevents it from moving around during use. Its also pretty thick too, which is there not only to improve stability but also to allow the underglow lighting to be more visible.


One final thing that I would have added is the option to turn off the lighting. This would have been nice and it would improve its appeal.


As a whole its a very nicely designed product that is superbly made and has more than one function. There is a few things that I would have changed, well not so much changed but rather done a secondary model. I would have kept this one as a special edition and created a Black finished variant with White accents. This then would appeal to more of us gamers out there. I understand why they’ve done it, but in my opinion they’ve limited their reach with the colour scheme. Its okay for me as I have a Yellow accented graphics card, CPU cooler and mouse. So if works nicely for me, but in reality you don’t see too many Yellow accented PC builds. On the flipside with the recent surge in RGB products it can be easily colour matched, but again you’re stuck with only colours that work with Yellow.

Setting up

Setting up the bungee is very simple, the first step is to attach the arm to the base of the bungee. You do this be lining up the arm to the mounting hole. You then (if you have one) use a magnetic screwdriver to hold the screw and line it up all together. You can then screw it in. If you don’t have a magnetic screwdriver, use a little bit of Blu tac and place it in the opening in the screw, this should hold it in place will you get it all aligned.



Now there is a small handle on the D-ring screw that you can use, but to be honest I found that a little awkward to use and found a screwdriver to work better.


Next is to couple the mouse with the bungee, first you thread the USB side through the management hole and keep going until the cable left over is enough. Once you’ve done that, you need to place the cable into the split in the arm. Its really easy to do, just make sure you leave enough cable slack for the next part.



The next step is basically finding a good place to locate it. Here you’ll want to experiment with its placement so that its away from your mouse, but not too far and also so that its not in the way of anything else. I’ve moved my PC slightly to accommodate it and it sits in-between my PC and my right side speaker. But again this part will vary depending on how your setup is laid out. So if you can, moves things about and get it into a position that works for you.


Then you want to position your mouse and keyboard. I’d position your keyboard first and then work around that. So find a spot that work best for you when gaming and leave your keyboard there. Then you can figure out where your mouse will be used. A good tip would be to move your mouse in all directions and to simulate how you’d move it in game. You can then adjust the slack length to suit. Ideally you want just enough slack to freely your use mouse without hindrance. This will take a bit of time to get right, but if you want to get the most from the bungee, its a must.


The overall setup took around 30 minutes, this might sound like a lot for a simple product, but you want to get the placement right so that the bungee can work at its best.

In use 

Now here is the section you’ve probably want to read the most and that is, well how does it affect gaming. But before I start I would like to say that I am by no means a pro gamer and would consider myself a gaming enthusiast. I was a bit sceptical about how well it would work, but here is what I thought.

I tested the bungee in a few games. The ones I spent most time with though were PUBG and Overwatch. Honestly I can’t say that it made a massive a difference, but gaming did improve a little. In games I could still carry out all the same movements that I could without the bungee, but what the bungee did do, was make it easier. By that I mean, if you use a mouse with a fabric coated cables, you’ll have experienced cable tug and possibly even the cable memory causing the cable to bunch up and go tight. Well as a owner of a mouse with a fabric cable I can say that the bungee has completely eliminated those issues. There is no more catching or tugging and the mouse honestly moves much more like a wireless mouse.

This freedom of movement is thanks to the silicone arm, it moves with the mouse and doesn’t impact performance at all. It just moves with you and its made my movements feel a little more fluid. I can still perform flick shots and lift off without it getting in my way. Even with rapid movements in Overwatch it kept up with me and I didn’t feel it holding me back at all.

Another big plus is the cable doesn’t over extend and I have it set so that I don’t knock my keyboard whilst gaming. In the past I often hit the side of my keyboard and missed a shot or generally messed, but now again, this does not happen. This is why the setup process is so important.

Plus its very stable and solid, I mean the base does not move at all. This is thanks in part to its weight (492g) its low centre of gravity and the non-slip base. So you can be assured that its not going to move whilst in the middle of a gaming session.

To sum up its use, its not made me a better gamer, but what it has done is made gaming that bit easier. Okay if you have a silicone or plastic covered mouse cable, then some of the issues I had, you won’t experience, so it might not be right for you. But if you have a mouse with a fabric coated cable, then its a beneficial product.


So if you’re a casual gamer this mouse bungee isn’t going to turn you into a pro, but what it will do is make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Plus the extra USB ports make the product that bit more appealing. I understand £40 may seem like a lot for a bungee, but I get its value. It looks nice, its solid, it provides you with four extra USB ports, its cleaned up my desk and its made gaming that bit nicer. If you look at just a bungee, these can cost anywhere up to £30, then add a USB hub to that and the value makes sense.

Yes it has its problems, but it’s a product that I will continue to use and enjoy using. Whether the value is there for you, I guess that will have to be for you to decide.

Get one here

UK: www.amazon.co.uk/xtrfy-b1-bungee

Overclockers: www.overclockers.co.uk/xtrfy-bungee

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