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Home Security has never been a higher priority than it is nowadays. With the vast array of expensive TV’s, games consoles and gadgets in the home as well as expensive cars outside the home if you don’t consider home security a priority then maybe it is time you should. With most home’s having high speed internet home security need not be expensive anymore with a number of IP cameras now available.

One such product is the HomeMonitor HD Pro from Y-Cam Solutions Ltd, this IP camera is a fully water and weatherproof camera, with 720P HD video and a range of connection options from Wi-Fi, Ethernet and even Power Over Ethernet. We have reviewed HomeMonitor’s indoor HD camera not so long ago and we were more than impressed with it’s performance, will the outdoor HD Pro offering impress us as much? Lets see.

Design And Connectivity

The HomeMonitor HD Pro follows the same design cues as it’s indoor offering with the stylish all white finish. It possess the same quality look and feel with it’s solid build quality featuring all metal components, with all connections sealed safely inside to ensure that it will remain fully functional in all weather conditions.

The unit itself weighs in at only 410g with the overall size being 125mm x 57mm that is excluding the WiFi antenna measuring 195mm. As you can tell it’s not exactly small so if you are looking for it to be hidden then look elsewhere. It is also worth noting that after doing some research it’s also not the largest camera in it’s class either but It would be nice to see it in a few different colour options and in this case a black variant would be great to allow it to blend in more at night (nothing a little spray paint couldn’t fix).

homemmonitor hd connections

Connection wise the HomeMonitor HD Pro offers an abundance and it is certainly one of the cameras biggest selling points. You have all the connections you would expect like power and an ethernet port but one special addition is the ability to use Power over Ethernet meaning if you have the hardware there is no need to use the power connection. In addition to this we also have built in WiFi.

The camera itself features a wide angle HD lens with 24 surrounding infrared LED’s, there is also a built in microphone, a reset button and lastly a small indicator light on the front that will let you know when it’s connected to your network by glowing green.

Setup And Features

When we reviewed HomeMonitor’s indoor model the setup was very easy and we stated that anyone would be capable of doing it with ease. The same applies to the HomeMonitor HD Pro that is of course excluding the process of mounting it outdoors.

ycam hd pro

Let’s forget about the physical side of the installation for a second and discuss yet another awesome 60 second setup process from start to finish. Just like we saw with the indoor version, to get started you just connect the camera up to a power source and then connect to your router via the supplied ethernet cable. After that’s done simply go to HomeMonitor’s website using any device you like and follow the simple steps to get the HomeMonitor HD Pro connected to your home network. When you complete the setup you will notice the LED on the front of the camera will change to green confirming it’s fully configured. Now it’s time to unplug the camera and do some manual labour.

Securing the HomeMonitor HD Pro camera does take a little longer than the super fast setup process but it’s not to terrible of a job. The unit comes with easy to follow instructions and the design of the camera certainly makes it easier to install than other units I have previously tried out. When you are deciding on the mounting point be sure that you can easily run the power cable to it. If you are using the Power over Ethernet function or built in WiFi then you will only need to run the one cable to the unit. The camera is fixed to the included mount via the ball joint that is easily adjustable with the provided Allen key to allow for the perfect desired view to be achieved.

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Now let’s look at the software features of the HD Pro, as mentioned above these are a big selling point and we particularly love the motion detection feature. This feature that we also seen on the indoor version is easy to configure and allows you to choose between two detection zones and set the individual sensitivity for each of them. I really like this feature as I was able to set my lower zone to less sensitive, that way it doesn’t constantly go off when the neighbours cat is prowling around. If you don’t require the motion detection to be active permanently you can also set a 7 day hour by hour schedule and dictate when you want it to be active.

When motion detection is active you can also set notifications up, this will notify you almost immediately after the camera detects any motion. The notification also includes a still image allowing you to see what set it off. The email notification also includes a quick link allowing you to view the recorded video if need be. You can set up to four separate email addresses to receive the notifications providing even more security.

Another awesome feature is HomeMonitors Apps for iOS, Android or Windows Phone enabling you to receive instant notifications on these devices too. If you have an Apple TV you will be able to AirPlay recordings giving you a better view of the action. If you own a Roku set top box there is also a dedicated app you can download allowing you to view all your recording’s.

The HomeMonitor HD Pro also arrives with 7 days worth of free cloud storage that can be extended to 30 days for £30 per year. This is a huge bonus as no other company offers free cloud storage like this and you can also download your 7 days worth of recordings straight to your PC etc before they disappear.


The HomeMonitor HD Pro possess the same full colour 720p HD (1280 x 720) resolution that we found on the indoor version. It also has a 1 Megapixel 1/4” CMOS lens using FarFocus™ technology which claims to have a 64 degree viewing angle. With the same camera as the indoor version we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed and we weren’t. The day time footage was great and very pleasant to watch with only a little noise evident.

Night time images are just perfect as well and the 24 infrared LED’s doing an excellent job of illuminating the area when its dark out. The built in microphone also does a great job of capturing audio and I was surprised at how clear it was with even noises across the road being picked up with ease. The WiFi uses 802.11 b/g/n and we didn’t have any issues with the reception at all but it’s worth noting that we have great coverage in our test area. If you have black spots in your home we suggest using HomePlugs as these will boost your signal in that area and solve any issues that arise.


In conclusion the HomeMonitor HD Pro provided us with the same awesome experience we had with it’s indoor version we reviewed. The easy setup process paired with the vast amount of features makes for a great system. The external installation may have given us a few issues but that was mainly due to me being a geek and not being handy with tools. The quality of the recordings and usefulness of the accompanying apps makes this £189.99 camera a steal. If you are thinking of picking one up then I would say go for it as you will not be disappointed.


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