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July 25, 2013

Yarrly, An anonymous, remixable photo app for Android



Yarrly is super simple because you don’t need to log in. So no pesky passwords, email addresses, Facebook connecting or anything else. It’s totally anonymous: the second you open it you can instantly create fun and awesome photo panels.


You can share the link to your Yarrlys via email, SMS or any of your existing social networks; Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or anything else you have on your device. Who you share it with determines who will see it. Anyone you share it with can open it in Yarrly then remix it, and you’ll get a notification with their reply. Have image conversations with 1 friend or share it with the world to unleash all kinds of remixing craziness.

Photo app

Take photos, import from your gallery and make 2 up panels with text. Take a photo, react to it, lols ensue. Can you add fancy pants filters? Na. Yarrly is all about the content not the rose tinted artsy stuff. Why not take a photo of your tasty food and add your happy face. Seen the latest superhero movie? What did you think?

Dave said,

“Yarrly is an anonymous, remixable two-panel meme generator for Android. Users can make a Yarrly, and then it becomes as public as they make it by where they chose to share it. It’s entirely anonymous – there are no profiles or login. Where it gets interesting is any Yarrly can be remixed by anyone who sees it – they can open the existing Yarrly on their phone, change up the images and text and send that on. It means you end up with remixes upon remixes as a meme morphs and changes as it builds. It’s predictably dominated by cats during launch but it’s a lovely little experiment in no-social and builds on the creators love of memes and remix culture. It was built in London over the last few months by Dave Ganly & Holly Clarke in their spare time.”

T1 T2 T3

What’s New

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed application crash on start for some users

Version 1.0.3

  • Adds Nexus 7 support

Take a photo > react to it > add text > create! > share it > other people remix it > you remix their remix > lols ensue

  • Express your lols, wtfs, omgs, rofls and fmls in 2 panel form.

Holly told us:

“We’ve got a few tweaks up our sleeves but no pro version. Focus will be on shifting the best content to the front and showing more info about the yarrlys in the chains.
In the last week Dave’s been sorting out the back end and putting in more measures to deal with trolls. Next up is ensuring remixes are actually remixed at least a bit (so we don’t get duplicates) and then showing remix numbers in the app.”

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