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July 24, 2013

YouTube Geek Week kicks off August 4th


The follow up from Comedy Week is about yo kick off on August 4th. Titled Geek Week the guys over at Mountain View will be putting all that geeky content in Tue spotlight for our viewing pleasure. YouTube will spotlight more than 100 channels using highlights and new videos. Nerdist in the US and and Channel Flip will BR at hand to help the week run smoothly.

The week will include six themed days that will include gaming, superhereos and more. If this doesn’t sound like fun maybe the exclusive Thor: The Dark World trailer will be enough to bring your inner geek to life? If rumours are true we will be seeing this on the wednesday. Of your ready to get your inner geek on then hit up the source link to keep yourself up to date with what’s going on. The full press release is below with all the information you will need.

Show Press Release

Source – YouTube

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