When we are reviewing chargers for our tech we often focus on items like powerbanks and wireless charging plates. Well today we are looking at something a little different and the perfect solution for charging your devices up while in the car.


The 1byOne car charger is a 3 port 7.2A/36W solution that will make sure you can charge 3 devices at the same time. As far as car chargers go it has a nice looking design and I really dig the colour scheme as it happens to be the same as my gaming setup.


So the 1byOne charger allows you to utilize two of the three 2.4A ports at the same time for some super fast in car charging. Another awesome feature is that this charger features a smart sense chip that communicates with connected devices to maximize both compatibility and charging speed. If you know about power you may think that this kind of juice is unnecessary as you could easily charge two iPad’s, but standard car chargers are often very slow and take forever to juice up our devices so this is the perfect solution.

So overall for £5.99 here in the UK or $8.99 in the US you would be crazy not to pick one of these up for fast charging while your on the move. As always the links are down below if you feel like picking one up and if you have any questions ask below or hit me up on Twitter.

Buy 1byOne Car Charger UK

Buy 1byOne Car Charger US




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