I hadn’t heard of Syllable before, but they appear very prominent on Amazon. They wanted to send us their A6 Necklace headset, with a very unique design I was interetsed in testing these out and seeing if they are good as they look.

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I was actually really impressed with the look of these headphones. The necklace design keep all the cables out of your business, and allows easy access to the controls. I also found them incredibly  lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

They also rock a magnetic clasp which I found makes it easy to put round my neck. This is also where the micro usb port is hidden to charge them up. The control has three buttons allowing me to control volume and has a multi function button, which can play/pause tracks.

They came in white, which isn’t my favourite colour as they tend to pick up colour from clothing after a while. Though after a month these are still in good condition.


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Pairing was easy, it involved turning on the Bluetooth and also turning on the A6. I found the range pretty good, around 30 ft with no little to no signal loss. Though it didn’t help with the tinny audio they produced.

One thing that I was majorly disappointed in was the lack of ear buds. They supplied one pair, which means if they don’t fit, you are stuffed. Though they fit in for me, people I know tried them and they didn’t fit.

The sound produced by the A6 was too artificial for me, they were tinny and almost staticy when used on high volume tracks.

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For £15 these are probably good for gym listening, and other exercise. Though the sound produced is incredibly low par, if you want a pair to throw in your bag and where on the go then these are a good choice.

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