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August 27, 2015

Amazon Underground offers free Android apps and games yes actually free

Underground_MainIn-app purchases may have become the dominant way for developers to make money from charging for their apps, but Amazon’s new app takes a sledgehammer to the model.

Underground_1 Underground_2

Amazon Underground is an app for Android smartphones that offers a catalogue of apps and games with their in-app purchases all reduced to zero. Users can still “buy” virtual currency and items, but Amazon will pay for them – touting an “actually free” slogan.


Amazon UK said  in a letter to customers:

“We’ve made this possible by working out a new business model with app and game developers: we’re paying them a certain amount on a per-minute played basis in exchange for them waving their normal in-app fees,”

Among the games offered  are Fruit Ninja, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, Angry Birds Slingshot Stella, Jetpack Joyride and Goat Simulator, while the apps include OfficeSuite Professional 8.

Users will have to download the app directly from Amazon, as the rules of Android’s official Google Play store prohibit alternative app stores from being distributed within it.

Amazon has clearly been thinking about potential loopholes in its new system. For example, it has told developers that “anti-virus or clock apps that run continuously in the background” will not be suitable for the initiative, and neither will “apps that support passive streaming content” like music or video.

The company also says that it will show advertising when apps first launch, and sometimes when they are launched or resumed by a user.

It’s extremely doubtful that Amazon Underground will be heading to iOS  devices from outside the App Store meaning, it will be barred. Hit the link below to 



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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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